COVID Mobility Works: worldwide mobility initiatives

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COVID Mobility Works is an independent platform dedicated to collecting, synthesizing and sharing mobility initiatives that are keeping the world moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this platform is to help policymakers, innovators, researchers and advocates rise to the challenge of creating more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable transportation systems for all.


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“The initiatives you’ll find on this platform are public, private and NGO efforts to ensure the movement of people and goods during (and after) the new coronavirus pandemic. While some initiatives represent actions taken to safely continue mobility services for essential workers, others seek to change how transport providers provide service or identify modifications to critical transportation infrastructure. We hope these initiatives and insights will help inform and inspire policymakers, innovators, researchers and advocates working on new ideas and innovations to keep our world moving.”

“We are a group of nonprofits dedicated to resilient, inclusive and sustainable mobility for all. Our partners include NUMO, the New Urban Mobility alliancePolisTNO; the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, BerkeleyTransformative Urban Mobility Initiative; the Urbanism Next Center at the University of Oregon; and the World Economic Forum’s Global New Mobility Coalition.”

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